Objective and House Rules

Please read our Objectives and Rules before applying

Residency Application


  1. Provide a Safe Sober home for people who want it 
    • A clean house.
    • Warm bed to sleep in.
    • Home cooked Dinner Monday thru Friday.
    • Laundry Room and Detergent.
    • Recovery.
    • Fellowship.
    • After care.
  2. A plan to promote recovery.
    • A sponsor to walk hand and hand through all 12 steps.
    • Daily Meetings. 
    • You will need Honesty, Open-Mindedness, and Willingness to do the work.
    • Time for all 12 steps, 3-6 months depending on how soon you want to get well.
  3. Instill responsibility & accountability 
    • You need to be responsible for your weekly program fee.
    • Must find a job within two weeks. Any job will do
    • ($12.50 an hour / 40 hours gives you $500.00 )
    • Getting back into the main stream.
    • Build self – esteem.


  1. No drinking or drugs.
  2. No Gambling
  3. Program fee’s must be paid on time [Due by 6:00pm Friday].
  4. Absolutely no physical or verbal confrontations with any resident or management
  5. Respect the space of others
  6. Clean body —– one shower a day.
  7. Must make bed daily and keep area clean.
  8. Must be off the property from 8:30am till 3:00pm (If no job look for one) unless approved by management.
  9. Dinner at 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Call if you will be late!
  10. Laundry will be done from 8:00am until 10:00pm
  11. No display of property deemed offensive by management.
  12. No smoking or candles within house. You may smoke outside.
  13. Chores will be assigned and must be done properly.
  14. Donation of $1.00 will be made at each meeting if you have it.
  15. No T.V. from 9am to 3pm Mon thru Fri (except if it’s your day off)
  16. No use of cell phones or electronic devices in sleeping area 9pm to 8am
  17. Cell phones are to be placed on vibrate in the downstairs sleeping quarters.
  18. No cell phones taken to Champ House Meetings!!!
  19. Cell phones off or on vibrate at all outside meetings.
  20. No Visitors Mon-Fri, but they can drop off things.
  21. Medications are your responsibility.
  22. You must knock and state your name and business before entering the kitchen/ office area.
  23. The first 30 days is a black out period. Let Rusty know where you’re going every day and be back on property every night by 5:30pm.
  24. After your first 30 days if Step 4 & 5 is done you may request a pass (to be approved by management) for Sat & Sun.


  1. $155.00 Weekly program fee
  2. One Time $155.00 Administration Fee is also required,
  3. Monies are Non-Refundable!!!
  4. Notify management if you will be unable to pay in full prior to the Friday 6:30pm deadline.

You will be asked to leave for the Following Reasons:

  1. Drinking or Drugs. You will be asked to leave immediately!
  2. Not paying weekly program fee.
  3. Doing things your way!!!
  4. Not following the rules!
  5. At the sole discretion of management.

When Leaving

  1. All bills will be settled before you leave.
  2. If a person leaves and is unable to take their things, then we will hold all personal property for 5 days! (Then give it to Goodwill).
  3. If asked to leave, or when a resident decides to leave on their own, any payments are non-refundable!
  4. Champ House will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

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